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Compost Bin/Rain Barrel Sale

Help yourself, help your wallet and help your earth at the same time.


Purchase a rain barrel and/or a compost bin at a reduced price through the Recycling Association of Minnesota (RAM). Starting in March 2025 you can pre-order a bin, barrel on the RAM website 


Brooklyn Center, Crystal and New Hope residents get a $20 discount. Use the discount code HRG20Off when ordering. You may also choose to pick up your order at the Operations & Maintenance Facility, 8300 Noble Ave. on Saturday, May 2, 2025. Kitchen collector pails are provided free to compost bin purchasers courtesy of the HRG.


Food scraps such as fruit and vegetable peels, stale bread, wilted lettuce, coffee grounds, egg shells, and tea bags as well as weeds, faded flowers, and vines are among the things you can put into your compost instead of your garbage. Compost can be used as mulch and plant food in your yard. Keeping organic waste out of your garbage reduces your trash volume so you could switch to a smaller garbage cart and save money.


Check with your garbage hauler about adding curbside organics recycling collection service.


Capture rain in a rain barrel and have a free source of water for your garden. In addition to saving you money, rain barrels can keep moisture away from your foundation and prevent debris from washing into our storm sewers.

For more information email or call 763-493-8006